GETEC sponsors the arts, culture, science, and grassroots sports, preferably at the Hanover and Magdeburg sites.

GETEC gets involved in variety of ways, including as a sponsor in various athletic activities. But GETEC also acts as a sponsor by funding cultural, social, and science activities.

SC Magdeburg

GETEC is the main sponsor for SC Magdeburg, one of the most successful sports teams in Germany. The game venue for the SCM handballers carries the name GETEC arena. Since 2013, the company is now also sponsoring the youngsters and up-and-coming talent of the club.

Schubert Motorsport

Hitting the roads with energy - the ADAC GT Masters racing series is yet another focus area. As a way to sponsor talent and youth development, GETEC has already since 2015 sponsored the Magdeburg team of Schubert Motorsport in the racing series. 2018 was the first time that the team started racing with two Honda NSX GT3 and took third place at the Nürburgring on the Junior podium in the second half of the season. Starting in 2020, the team will again start racing with BMW and intends to launch its racing campaign with two BMW M6 GT3.

  1. FC Magdeburg

GETEC also sponsors athletic activities on the pitch. Since 2014, the company has sponsored 1. FC Magdeburg, which was able to advance to the 2nd League in 2018. GETEC is classified as a GOLD partner due to the long-standing collaboration.


Peter Sodann - detective Bruno Ehrlicher of the Tatort television series - collects books from the publication years 1945-1990, with the objective of painting an accurate picture of life in the former GDR as background. This collection now boasts a total inventory of 2.2 million volumes. With assistance from Karl Gerhold, the cooperative was able to successfully secure a storage location for the collected volumes in Magdeburg. Starting in the fall of 2020, citizens in the Magdeburg region can also see a part of the collection. A literature cafe will soon be opened in the city center of Magdeburg. It will provide opportunities to regularly participate in readings.

German Chess Association/ Schachzwerge

The Schachzwerge Magdeburg e.V. teaches 400 kids and teenagers the game of chess in a playful and age-appropriate way. Because the game of chess also promotes mental focus and strategic thinking, the kids are also getting a benefit for their scholastic efforts. GETEC has supported the club since 2012.